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NEWvember is a new initiative, springing from the recent discussions surrounding fringe work and independent theatres and the shows they produce. It is the belief of NEWvember that curation of work can create a climate where patrons and theatre audiences can rely on a venue to produce a quality of work above the standard that is currently accepted. Alongside this, NEWvember recognised the need for venues to allow writers to showcase and preview their work with a view to develop it in a supportive and positively critical environment and/or providing those individuals with the potential to showcase their work to programmers, without the massive overheads.

NEWvember will provide a programme of high quality, excellently produced pieces of Northern or World Premieres – all of them curated. Alongside these pieces, 53two will support new writing in its’ infancy with performances of curated works and scripts that are in development/looking for funding etc. by providing a space on a hugely reduced hire cost. These ‘reduced’ performances can take any format from fully produced to script-in-hand readings.

Whilst the pieces that are already in a ‘ready state’ will operate as a regular show, they will still represent an exciting and new month of productions that should, under curation, be an excellent quality and charge regular, venue prices. Those pieces in development will sell tickets of no more than £5 to allow for a more accessible price to reflect the fact that the scripts may not be in the final format. To kick this off, 53two will be free to use and only after the show will profits will be split exactly between the creatives and the venue.

NEWvember will add a season of curated new writing covering all genres and eventually hosted across theatres in Greater Manchester. It’s curation will provide a quality of work with each theatre being asked to ensure that they programme only the best pieces from submissions, using the NEWvember tag. It is then our hope that NEWvember work will be programmed in theatres beyond the city to extend its reach and life-span and develop a wider network for independent theatres.

NEWvember will only be the recognisable logo and used solely to represent a standard and will not make any money from the instigation of the new season. Each new theatre will operate independently to broker the best deal for themselves and the new writers/production teams, only ensuring that for those pieces looking for development, ticket prices are kept below £5.

To enter your play for consideration, email and to register your venue for NEWvember, email

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